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Sarah Mathers is an  American 40 years old  lady from the city of San Diego, California, USA who came to be popular after she was disclosed to be a sister to Eminem, the pop celebrity and rap hero who  real name is Marshall Mathers  II

Sarah Mathers came to be popular after her dad, Marshal Bruce Mathers, surprisingly disclosed the information to her that Eminem is her brother before he died. Marshal Bruce Mathers’s disclosure left Sarah in a state of commotion as she was not sure what to do with information of such importance. Albeit, that information made her come to be a subject of investigation by fans and supporters of the iconic rapper.

Sarah is documented by numerous references to have been born in the year 1982, in California, United States. Be enough to say she was born 10 years after the birth of Eminem who was born on 17th of October, in the year 1972. Eminem who often uses his personal life experiences as verses to his songs, nonetheless only talked about his dad, Late Marshall Bruce Mathers abandoning him and his mother Debbie Nelson when he was only but a baby.

Quick fact about Sarah Mather


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Full name: Sarah Mather

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Famous as : Eminem half-sister 

Gender : female

Date of birth: 17th October,1972

Place of birth: California,, USA 

Martial status: Unknown 

Religion: Christian 

Country of residence: United States of America

Nationality: American

Children: unknown 

Grandchildren: none

Father: Marshall Mathers

Mother: Debbie Mathers

Hair color: Blonde

Height: 5’3″ (in feet inches)

Profession: unknown 

Language: English 

Alma mater: unknown 

Zodiac sign: unknown 

Net worth: $20-30 thousand

Sarah Mather’s Educational Background

As of the time of this publication, nothing is known about her educational background. It is speculated that she is a high school graduate. Further information on her education will be published.

Sarah Mather’s Career

Sarah Mathers, for what it is worth, has no skilled profession with which she is likened to  or known. She only came into the limelight after it was disclosed to her that she is the half-sister to the multi-grammy award winning rapper Eminem. Nonetheless, reports from numerous sources had asserted that she once worked as a waitress for a local pub back when she was around the age of 23.

Sarah Mather’s Net Worth

Precise and concise information in concerns to her skilled background has not been dug out at the time of this publication. Her last known employment was a waitress and in respect to that, her net income would be rated at around 20 to 30 thousand US dollars.

Although information regarding her net worth may not be accessible for public consumption.

Sarah Mather’s Relationship

Sarah matter love staying away from all  social media platforms making our decision inclusive for us on her relationship status. At the moment of this publication, Sarah have never been seen with any man.

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Who is Sarah to Eminem?

Sarah is the half-sister to the popular and iconic pop star.

How old is Sarah Mather?

She is 40 years old.

Is she married?

She is currently single.


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