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Top 10 Richest Actors in the World

Are you a lover of movies and in search of the top world actors that are wealthy in the world? Don’t worry, this article can be your guide. The movie industry is flourishing every day and there is no sign of a decline. Several actors and actresses have earned a lot of money from acting. In this article, I highlight the top 10 richest actors in the world. Read down carefully and get informed.

10 Leading Richest Actors in the World

Below here are the 10 leading wealthiest actors in the world:

1. Jerry Seinfeld – $1 billion

Jerry Seinfeld is the number one richest actor in the world with a net worth of $1 billion. He is an American actor, writer, stand-up comedian, and movie producer. Jerry is well-known for ‘Seinfeld’ which he wrote with Larry David.

Jerry Seinfeld made his first impression on the Tonight Show featuring Johnny Carson. From there, his career took off and he was featured in several films and television shows, etc.

2. Shah Rukh Khan – $770 million

Shah is an Indian actor, television character, and film producer with a net worth of $770 million. He has featured in above 80 Bollywood movies and has won several awards like the 14 Filmfare Awards, etc. Shah began his career as a television actor in the 1990s and made his Bollywood beginning with the movie ‘Deewana’ in 1992. Since then, he has been featured in many movies like ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’, and ‘Chak De! India’, and many others. Also, Shah is well-known for his charitable work and philanthropic enterprises.

3. Tom Cruise – $600 million

Tom Cruise falls 3rd place among the top 10 richest actors in the world. He is an American movie producer and actor with a huge career in television and movies. Tom Cruise began his career in 1980 when he was featured in the movies Risky Business and Top Gun. He has been featured in movies like Mission: Impossible, The Firm, and Edge of Tomorrow, among others. Also, Cruise has produced numerous movies like Valkyrie and The Others, etc.

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4. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen – $550 million

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are rich twin actors with an estimated worth of $550 million. This twin began their career at a young age in show business and starred in shows like Full House. Also, they starred in movies like It Takes Two and Passport to Paris, among others.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are owners of a fashion label and charitable foundation, ‘The Row’ and ‘Elizabeth & James’ respectively. They are also engaged in winemaking and real estate.

5. Robert De Niro – $520 million

Robert De Niro is also among the top 10 richest actors in the world with a net worth of $520 million. He started his acting profession in the 1960s when he was featured in films like ‘The Trip’ and ‘Bloody Mama’, ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Raging Bull’, among others. Robert De Niro has won several awards including the ‘Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor’, and many others.

6. Reese Witherspoon – $430 million

Reese Witherspoon is one of the world’s richest actors with an estimated net worth of $430 million. She is an American actress, entrepreneur, and movie producer. She started her acting profession while in high school where she play little roles in ‘The Man in the Moon’ and ‘Dr. T & the Women’. Reese featured in films like Walk the Line, Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and Wild, among others. Also, she received awards like Academy Award for Best Actress, Oscar Nomination, etc.

7. Sylvester Stallone – $410 million

Sylvester Stallone is one of the 10 richest actors in the world. Stallone is a movie director and producer, an actor, and a screenwriter. He is well-known for the roles he played in the Rocky and Rambo movie franchises.

Stallone has starred in several movies like First Blood, Demolition Man, The Expendables, etc. Also, he has directed and produced several movies like Paradise Alley, Rocky, and many others.

8. Jennifer Lopez – $400 million

Jennifer Lopez is an American dancer, actress, singer, and movie producer. She has been featured in movies like Selena, Out of Sight, and The Jenny from the Block Party, among others. Jennifer has worked as a chief producer of the TV series South Beach, etc. Also, Jennifer is a philanthropist and a businesswoman, who has a perfume line, restaurants, and clothing lines.

9. Tom Hanks – $350 million

Tom Hanks also falls among the top 10 richest actors in the world. He is an American filmmaker and actor with a career of over 4 decades. Hanks began his acting profession in the 1970s. He became popular when he featured movies like Bosom Buddies, A League of Their Own, Forest Gump, Cast Away, and many others. Also, Tom Hanks has directed two movies, That Thing You Do and Larry Crowne, and has won several awards the Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards, etc.

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10. Jamie Gertz – $300 million

Jamie Gertz falls last on the list of the top 10 richest actors in the world. She is an American actress and movie producer who is well-known for her roles in ‘The Lost Boys’, ‘Still Standing’, ‘Twister’, ‘Solarbabies’, etc. Also, Gertz has produced numerous films like ‘A Dog’s Purpose’, ‘Feed the Beast’, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the 3rd Richest Actor in the World?

Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise’s net worth is $570 million, making him the 3rd richest actor worldwide.

Who are the Top 10 Richest Persons in the World 2022?

Below here is a list of the top 4 richest persons in the world with their companies and country:

  1. Elon R Musk (Telsa/United States) – $250.2 Billion
  2. Bernard Arnault & Family (LVMH/France) – $158 Billion
  3. Jeff Bezos (Amazon/United States) – $153 Billion
  4. Gautam Adani & Family (Infrastructure, Commodities/India) – $146 Billion

Who are the Top Richest Actors in the World?

These are the top 4 richest actors in the world with their net worth:

  1. Tyler Perry – $1 billion
  2. Jerry Seinfeld – $959 million
  3. Shah Rukh Khan – $700 million
  4. Tom Cruise – $600 million

Who is the Richest Celebrity in the World in 2022?

Elon Musk is the richest celebrity in the world with a net worth of $264.6 billion. Not only is he the richest celebrity, but he is also the richest man in the world and one of the world’s most famous people.


To sum it all up, the richest actors in the world are those who have had lengthy and successful careers in Hollywood. For instance, Jennifer Lopez, Jerry Seinfeld, Jamie Gertz are just a handful of the numerous actors that have earned a lot of money from acting. Check out the top 10 world’s wealthiest actors.

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