Best Investment For College Students in 2022

Investment For College Students – Investment is one of the ways of preparing a bright future for yourself.

We are in a generation where everybody thinks that there is still time, well that might be true but have in mind that when you start investing at the early stage of life, you will have better chances of growing faster than you should.

No investment is easy, it requires time and consistency to grow over time but in a case where you have to stay because you think there is still time, you might end up not achieving even the things you thought you had time for.

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In this article, we would be giving you the top 5 investment for College students and also a little explanation about them.

Always remember that being self-employed and working for yourself is always better than answering sir every day in the office.

5 Best Investment For College Students

I’m going to randomly give you the five best investments you can venture into and with time you will see the benefit and growth.

1. Cryptocurrency

We found ourselves in the GenZ world where most of the topics you hear from their mouth is NFT and Crypto.

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So many college students believes that the future is bright with cryptocurrency or NFT and yes it is a very good investment for a college student.

You should try to have a good knowledge of it before venturing into it to avoid losing out.

You can buy coins and store or you can learn to trade it, either way, you will still make gain as long as you know what your doing.

2. Stocks

Investing in Stocks is one of the best investments a college student can do for themselves.

Buying stocks requires you to buy shares from any company and as the company profit is increasing you interest will also increase.

Though it comes with some risk but I will advice you buy shares for long term as it will help recover losses if there is any.

For instance, you can buy a share at Tesla with 1000 naira and set your withdrawal to be in the next ten years, before that 10 years, your interest might have accumulated.

As a college student you can save up some money and buy for yourself and give it some years.

3. Real Estate

Investment For College Students

Thi is one of the best investments any college students can go into and would still have time for your studies.

As a college student and you have money to own a house, you can buy property then sale to make your profit.

So when your able to invest in acquiring some other properties like having a shop which people pay to use, it is also part of the investment.

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4. Forex Trading

Investment For College Students


Just like cryptocurrency, forex trading is one of the best investment any College student can make.

Having a good knowledge about forex will help you trade differnt currencies against another and gradually you can make more than you invested.

5. Index Fund

Investment For College Students

Index funding is some how similar to stocks because what you do is to buy some stocks and allow it to grow over time.

This is one way a college student will not invest but also get busy in learning some certain things.

There are still so many other things you can do as a student which will benefit you both when your in school and when you leave.

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