When did Nelson Mandela die?

Nelson Mandela is the first black president of South Africa. He was a strong symbol to the people and helped them get their independence. Just like every human, Nelson Mandela died. Most people interested in history are wondering when Nelson Mandela died. This article will answer your question on when Nelson Mandela died. Keep reading to find out.

When did Nelson Mandela die?

Nelson Mandela died on December 5th, 2013, after a long and courageous battle with lung infection. Born in 1918 in South Africa, Mandela became a leading figure in the fight against apartheid and eventually became the first black president of South Africa. He was a powerful symbol of resistance and hope to millions of people around the world, and his death has left a legacy of inspiration and remembrance.

Mandela’s life and death

Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 in the Transkei region of South Africa. He attended a Christian school and then studied law at the University of South Africa. In 1952, Mandela was arrested for leading a series of anti-apartheid protests. He served seven years in prison before being released in 1960. Mandela became the first black president of South Africa in 1994. He died on December 5, 2013 at the age of 95

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The reactions to Mandela’s death

Many people are still in shock and disbelief after his death on Thursday. Here is a roundup of the reactions around the world:

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South Africa: The nation has lost a giant and South Africa has lost its father. President Jacob Zuma called him “the icon of freedom and democracy.”

USA: President Barack Obama said Mandela was “a global figure of inspiration, whose life inspired millions around the world to fight for justice” and that he had “played a transformative role in the history of our country and our continent.”

Mandela’s legacy

Mandela was one of the most influential and celebrated figures of the 20th century. He played a major role in the fight against apartheid and is credited with helping to lead South Africa to democracy. He died in 2013, at the age of 95.

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Frequently Asked Question on when Nelson Mandela died

When did Nelson Mandela die and how?

Nelson Mandela passed away on December 5, 2013, after a long and difficult lung illness. He was 95 years old. Mandela’s death came as a shock to the world and many are still wondering how he died.

How long was Mandela a prisoner?

Nelson Mandela was a prisoner for 27 years, until his release on February 11, 1990.

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What was Nelson Mandela’s famous speech?

Mandela was imprisoned on numerous occasions, most notably during the years of Robben Island. In 1990, he delivered his famous “Africa Unite!” speech at the University of Cape Town.

What was Mandela fighting for?

Nelson Mandela was fighting for the freedom of his people in South Africa. They faced lots of harsh time during the Apartheid regime, so he stood up to fight against that.


Nelson Mandela died on December 5, 2013 at the age of 95. This iconic South African leader and activist was a powerful voice for social justice who fought against Apartheid and helped to bring about democracy in his country. He will be remembered for his heroism and peaceful philosophy, and his death continues to inspire people around the world.

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