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Marshall William Manning Early life, Education 

Marshall William Manning is one of the several star kids out there whose parents’ fame is the purpose the public discusses them even though they are yet to attain any success of their own. There are numerous ways through which one can come to be famous.

The simplest path to get fame is to be the close relative or kin of an individual who is already extremely famous. Some people have evolved popular because of their unions, while others have evolved popular because they have been born to celebrities.

Marshall William Manning, his fame is the latter where his dad is a very famous figure in American football.

He is the son of Peyton Manning, a prior MVP Award winner, and his wife of 20 years, named Ashley Manning.

Marshall William Manning was born on 31th of March 2011, in a mall city in Louisiana called New Orleans, in the United States of America.

He has a  twin sister called  Mosley Thompson Manning. He is the grandson of Olivia William and ex-NFL quarterback Archie Manning.

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He also has a nephew called Cooper Archibald Manning, a businessman/entrepreneur and TV individuality, and Elisha Nelson Manning, a retired quarterback.


Marshall William Manning’s Parents


His dad is the retired NFL quarterback, Peyton Manning who spent numerous seasons playing in the NFL.

Peyton, Marshall’s dad, was a retired NFL icon who played for the Denver Broncos for a period of four (4) seasons and the Indianapolis Colts for a period of fourteen 14 seasons. One of the awesome quarterbacks of all time is Manning.

He helped in whirling the Colts’ striving squad into a recurrent playoff challenger.

Marshall William Manning’s dad, Peyton Manning is a famous inscription in the NFL.

The Colts drafted Peyton first overall in the year 1998 NFL Draft, and between 1998 till 2010, Manning began at quarterback for them.

By overseeing the Colts to 11 playoff runs, eight division titles, three (3) AFC Championship Tournaments, two (2)  Super Bowl manifestations, and one championship title in Super Bowl XLI, the squad’s first in extra three decades and its first since vacating to Indianapolis, he helped in turning the challenging Colts franchise into compatible playoff contenders.


Marshall’s mum is Ashley Manning, a co-owner of the Memphis Grizzlies and landlady of a real estate corporation, who was born on the 2nd of December, in the year 1974 in a small city of  Tennessee, called Memphis in the United States.

On St. Patrick’s Day in the year  2001 in Memphis, Manning with Ashley.

The summer before Manning’s first (1) year of college, Marshall Williams Manning’s mum, Ashley Manning was initiated to him by her parents’ next-door neighbour, an University of Virginia graduate.

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Their first kids, twins, Marshall and Mosley Thompson Manning, were born to them in the year 2011.

Marshall Williams Manning is yet to reveal any clues of stuffing in the shoes of his retired dad but given that he watches on as his family partners play the event and sees videos of them doing their thing, it is likely he may toe the line of playing in the NFL when he grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Marshall?

He is 12 years old as of the time of this publication.

What’s the name of Marshall sister?

Mosley Thompson Manning.

Who is the father of Marshall?

Peyton Marshall is the father of little Marshall.


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