Facts about Sdyney Brooke Simpson

Sydney Brooke Simpson was born on October 17th, 1995, She is one of the daughters of OJ and Nicole Brown Simpson who happens to be the parent.
After the divorce of Sydney Brooke Simpson’s parents, Sydney and her brother(Justin Ryan Simpson) lived with the mother Nicole in Los Angeles – precisely in Brentwood-until the time of her death.
While Sydney and her brother Justin we’re still mourning the death of her mother and the fact they won’t get to see her again over the demise, upon that they also had to watch her father accused of murder which he was later granted not guilty and acquitted of the said crime.
After the mother’s demise, Sydney’s grandmother Louis and Juditha Brown took Sydney to her abode where she lives as their Guardian.


  • Date of Birth: 17th October 1985.
  • Please of Birth: California
  • State of Origin: Los Angeles
  • Marital status: single.
  • Siblings: Justin Ryan Simpson(direct brother) Anelle Simpson(half-sister), Jason Simpson(half-brother), and Aaren Simpson(late).
  • Networth: $10,000
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur and real estate agent.
  • Education: Bachelor of Art in Sociology.
  • Parent: OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown.


Sydney attended her high school at Gulliver’s Academy, when she graduated, she proceeded to Boston University where she obtained her first degree in Sociology (Bachelor of Art) from the University’s College of Arts and Sciences in May 2010.

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After the publication of the trial of her father over the alleged accusation of murder, their family members tried to protect them from the interviewers over unnecessary questions about their parents and the accusation leveled against their father.
They were living fine until a journalist rooted out their location and discovered Sydney and her sister were already working in a restaurant in Georgia and that she changed her name to Portia.
Her colleagues at the restaurant observed her so much and discovered she was a quiet person who also happen to be a busy type. At the time of this publication, Sydney was still believed to be single..
She was believed to be in a relationship with Robert Blackmon, the then St Petersburg City council candidate because there were seen together always on different occasions. Robert has always talked about Sydney that she selflessly supported him and wasn’t disturbed.
Nonetheless, a day after the publication of the New York Post article, Robert(a politician) denied their relationship. He further stated that Sydney was a very good friend of him but there were not dating.
From 2007 to 2012, Sydney was also seen to be dating Alexander Lee. Both met after graduation and later departed from their ways as the relationship didn’t last.


Sydney first started her career as an event coordinator there in Atalanta, Georgia before she migrated to St Petersburg, Florida, where she started a new business which was a catering business. She later proceeded into Real Estate and in 2014, she opened a new company known as Simpsy LLC. Three other companies which were still in that area were now managed by the Real Estate Company.

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THE celebrity net worth Of Sydney was estimated to be $10,000 as of the time of publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Sydney?

Her net worth is around $10,000

Who is the mother of Sydney?

Nicole Brown is the mother of Sydney

What is the martial status of Sydney?

She is currently single


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