Good Facts About Mirth Jung You Didn’t Know

Mirth Jung was the wife of a famous drug lord known as George Jung. She was born on the 3rd of December, 1952 in Cuba.

Mirth Jung was known for her involvement in some illegal businesses of her husband. Many swith she was an essential part of her husband’s drug enterprise and a member of a big drug cartel that smuggled unwanted drugs from Colombia to the US. Sadly, her involvement in the commercial drug enterprise exposed her to the shackles of drug addictions, which led her to serve of prison term.

Mirth Jung was drawn to the limelight after the release of the movie “Blew”

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Quick fact about Mirth Jung

  • Maiden name: Mirtha Calderon 
  • Date of birth: 3rd December 1952
  • Age: 70 ( as of 2022)
  • Place of birth: Cuba
  • Martial status: Divorced
  • Religion: Unknown
  • Country of residence: Unknown
  • Nationality: Cuban American
  • Children: 1 (Kristina Sunshine Jung)
  • Siblings: 3
  • Parents: Unknown
  • Height: unknown
  • Profession: Writer, Poet, Entrepreneur, drug dealer
  • Ex-husband’s name: George Jung (m. 1977–1984)
  • Language: English
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Mirth Jung’s Education

Mirth Jung was known to be from a very impoverished part of Cuba. This exposed them to a lot of places that Mirth Jung was supposed to be protected from. She started her Education in Cuba where she worked as a waitress. Being a teenager that was exposed to a lot of negative things in life, Mirth Jung got to use drugs. She met her husband George Jung who is a drug Lord, Mirth Jung got more addicted to hard drugs.

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Mirth Jung’s Career

She is known to be a writer, poet, Entrepreneur, and drug dealer(ex-husband’s business). Mirth Jung was brought to the limelight when she released the Movie “BLEW” which depicts the life of her ex-husband, George Jung, in 2001. Penelope Cruz played as Mirth Jung while Johnny Depp played George Jung in the movie. This is the most notable work of Mirth Jung.

Mirth Jung’s net worth

She is no doubt a rich woman starting from her income on a drug deal. Being an ex-wife to a drug was done out of great fearless courage and a great passion for being an exemplary figure, she almost lost all when she divorced her husband. However, her net worth is estimated to be around one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150,000).

Mirth Jung Relationship) Family

Mirth Jung met the drug Lord George Jung in 1976 when she was 24 years of age and George Jung was 10 years older than Mirth Jung. After a bit of date, they got married in 1977.

The beautiful union was blessed with a beautiful daughter (Kristina Sunshine Jung) who was born on 1st August 1978. The family got sour and the marriage ended in divorce in the year 1984.

Mirth Jung’s Daughter

She has a beautiful daughter by the name of Kristina Sunshine Jung who she had with her ex-husband George Jung. Kristina Sunshine Jung is a known actress and businesswoman who was raised in the hands of her grandfather when her parents were arrested for drug trafficking. Kristina Sunshine Jung is married to a wrestler known as Roman Reign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mirth Jung married to?

She was married to lord George Jung and divorced him in the year 1984.

How old is Mirth Jung?

She is 70 years of age.

How many children does Mirth Jung have?

She has a daughter called Kristina Sunshine Jung.


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