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Apps For College Student – As a college student you are sometimes required to make your own research on some certain things or subject or topics.

Of cause the internet is veri wide place where every information is stored which you can access anytime you need it

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We know you can easily go to Google and get the answers to your research questions.

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But what if we give you list of apps you can install in your phone which will help you make things easier for you.

One of the best things about the apps I will be giving you here is that some of them focuses on a particular course and gives every detail about them, so instead of going to the internet and getting confusing answers why not just go straight to the app and get the answers you wish to your question.

In this article, we have compiled different apps that every College student should have on their phone to tell them in their course of study and research.

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Best Apps For College Student

These apps like I said is a must have, it is of great beneficial to the student who will use it .

1. Tomato Timer

As a student time management is of great importance I’m anything you do. Learning the secret of time management will help you set things right and avoid putting things away like most of us do.

Tomato timer will always remind of what you have a particular thing to do base on how you set the app.

2. Google Doc

This is another app that every student need, if you have a good knowledge of MS word, then you should be good with Google doc.

With this you can store some important school works you have done and keep the for you incase you need them again.

So if your a kind of person that is very careless, the best thing you can do is to put everything in a document file using the Google document app which is free.

3. Trello

Ranking number three on our list is trello, I know some of you have not read been involved in a serious group work.

When you finally get to the stage, then just know that you need trello to keep things going.

With this app you can track the performance of your teammates.

4. Doodle

Let’s take for instance you have a gang and you want a common place where you all can talk that is necessary not WhatsApp or Instagram or Twitter, doodle is the man for you.

You can just download doodle and use it for your gang to have a group meeting, maybe to discuss your classwork or something. You need it.

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5. Hostelworld

The cost of living as a colleg student is quiet high and if you attend a private university, then you should know tuition fee alone is too much.

If your looking forward to loving in a more simple area with low cost, then you need this app.

It wi help you get a very good neighborhood that is less expensive and quiet so you can read in peace.

These are the best apps for College students, you dont need to stress yourself doing some certain things, just log on to the app and help yourself.

You still some other apps like LinkedIn and the rest where you can make research and learn.

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