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DSS Recruitment 2022/2023 Registration Portal | Apply here

The Department of State Services is planning to attract exceptional and promising talents in the country through the DSS Recruitment 2022 using the DSS recruitment portal. Continue Reading to discover the DSS recruitment exercise requirements and procedures for Department of State Service Recruitment 2022.

One thing that characterizes the DSS department is that it is run by men and women who are highly experienced in the field. These people have had years of training and learning in terms of how they handle different situations.

There are different functions that the DSS performs in this respect. The first key role is to make sure that no harm comes to these important people who are going to play a major role in the overall development of the country. In addition, they also ensure that they do not get any threats from anyone at any given time in their places of residence or while they are moving freely across different parts of the country.

This is because of the several functions that they have to perform. The most critical aspect of this department is to ensure that there is no threat from anyone towards the government and people that play very vital roles in the country’s economy and politics.

What is DSS Recruitment 2022 About?

The DSS Recruitment Exercise 2022 is held in order to meet the growing capacity and needs of the department, which necessitate the onboarding of new staff that can help in the overall development and improvement of different aspects of security.

There are so many threats that come with being a government official and so in this respect, the DSS has to make sure that the people that they recruit have the training and skills needed to counter all sorts of situations.

Because of this, there are specific recruitment parameters that should be met by each person and only then will they be put through the recruitment process.

What are the Requirements for DSS Recruitment Exercise?

Just like any job selection, those that are interested in applying for the DSS Recruitment 2022 will be required to meet certain requirements. The requirements for this recruitment will differ from candidate to candidate. The amount of work experience that you have is a big factor that determines whether or not you meet the requirements for this recruitment process.

However, you need to have a B.Sc or Master’s Degree from a recognized University in any discipline. Candidates that are applying for this recruitment need to be above the age of 22 years while they must be able to communicate effectively in English. They also need to be physically fit since the organisation ‘s activities are very vigorous and challenging.

Please note that the DSS Recruitment 2022 Application Portal is not yet open but as soon as it opens, we will update this webpage. So check back always to make your submission early.

How to Apply for DSS Recruitment 2022

There is a lot that you will need to do to be considered for this recruitment. You will first need to register online at the DSS Recruitment 2022 Application Portal ( in order for them to be able to consider you for the DSS Recruitment 2022.

Once the application has been filled online and you’ve submitted your personal details, the DSS Recruitment 2022 application process will be reviewed by the Recruitment committee. After this stage, such candidates who are found fit for being part of this recruitment process will be interviewed by a panel of experts.

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