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Top 10 Most Used Music and Audio Apps in Nigeria

Music is life. With audio and music apps, you can get music artists’ songs, and enjoy and listen to them easily. Simply go through this article below to see the top 10 most-used music and audio apps in Nigeria.

Most-Used Audio and Music Apps in Nigeria | Top 10

These are the top 10 most-used music apps in Nigeria:

1. Audiomack

Audiomack tops the list of the most-used audio apps in Nigeria. This app allows music artists and creators to distribute limitless music, etc. for listeners via its website and mobile apps. With the Audiomack app, music artists can share their music and fans can discover new songs, artists, and music albums.

2. Boomplay

Boomplay, also known as Boomplay music ranks 2nd place among the most-used audio apps in Nigeria. This app was developed by Transsnet Music Limited and was first used in Nigeria in 2015 by TECNO Mobile. Boomplay Music app focuses on international and African music.

3. Spotify

With the Spotify app, you can listen to podcasts and music on your phone, mobile, or tablet. The Spotify app is a free platform to get trending songs from your favorite music artists and many others.

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4. Shazam

The Shazam app is another most-used music and audio app in Nigeria. With this app, you can easily identify songs in seconds. Also, you can discover music artists, videos, playlists, and many others.

5. Apple Music

Apple Music ranks 5th position among the top 10 most-used music apps in Nigeria. This app is a powerful app with the sole purpose of music discovery. Apple Music app was developed for Android in 2015.

6. Anchor

Anchor is also one of the most-used music and audio apps in Nigeria. With the Anchor app, you can simply create and publish your music/podcast as well as monetize it. Anchor is free to all.

7. MixerVirtual DJ

This is an app that allows its users to create and mix tunes. MixerVirtual DJ app comes with varieties of sound and equalizing systems. Among the top 10 most-used music and audio apps in Nigeria, MixerVirtual DJ falls at the number 7th position.

8. Music Player & MP3 Player

With the Music Player & MP3 Player, you can discover trending songs, upcoming artists, and famous music artists, among others. Music Player & MP3 Player is a free app to use. With this app, you can listen to songs in various formats like MP3, MP1, OGG, AAC, 3GP, etc.

9. Music Player

Music Player also falls among the leading 10 most-used music and audio apps in Nigeria. With this app, you could download and share songs on social media apps, set music as your ringtones, and make use of the equalizer systems, among other benefits.

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10. MusiX

With the MusiX app, you can discover your music library with a gesture-controlled interface. Also, you could edit and manage your music library, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Number One Song App?


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world and is used by millions of people. It has a lot to offer. One can listen to their favorite songs, albums, podcasts, and much more.

Which Apps do Nigerians Use the Most?

These are the top 4 apps Nigerians use the most:

  1. Telegram
  2. Snapchat
  3. Tiktok
  4. LinkedIn


There are numerous music and audio apps in the world. But, in this write-up, I listed out the top 10 most-used music and audio apps in Nigeria. Simply go through and get informed.

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