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The Best Korean Movies of 2022 (Top 10)

Given the massive efforts made into K-Drama in recent years, it is not surprising that Korean movies have become a popular choice for many people. The Korean movie industry has released numerous movies under different genres including action, comedy, horror, drama, romance, sci-fi, and many others. In this article, I cover the 10 best Korean movies of 2022. Read down and get informed.

The 10 Leading Korean Movies of 2022

Below here is a list of the 10 best Korean movies to see in 2022:

1. Umma

The movie ‘Umma’, produced and directed by Iris K. Shim tops the list of the best Korean movies of 2022. Umma is a supernatural horror Korean movie. The movie tells the story of a single mother, Amanda, living on a deserted farm with her daughter, Umma, away from electricity and technology.

Soon after Amanda’s mother (Umma) dies and is cremated, she receives the ashes, and the spirit of Umma takes possession of her and wishes to hurt her. She feels compelled to attack her daughter (Chrissy) and only just prevents her from dying at her hands. Later, Amanda may have lied about her allergies, and details about her terrible background are revealed.

Umma features top movie stars like Sandra Oh, Fivel Stewart, Dermot Mulroney, Tom Yi, and many others.

2. Love and Leashes

Love and Leashes is second on the list of the best Korean movies of 2022. This movie reveals the story of the romance between two workers, Ji-hoo and Ji-woo. This romance story began when Ji-woo’s concern moves her into finding out about Ji-hoo’s secret BDSM desires. Also, Ji-woo and Ji-hoo decide to be in a relationship. Ji-hoo seems to be happy and sincere in the relationship while Ji-woo is just so concerned and domineering.

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3. The Witch: Part 2. The Other One

The Witch: Part 2. The Other One falls among the 10 best Korean movies of 2022. This movie is a continuation of ‘The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion. The Witch: Part 2. The Other One reveals the story of a girl who sees herself being guarded in a strange science laboratory just away from a gang led by Kyung-hee. When the gang eventually gets hold of her, she over-powered them with her superpowers.

4. The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

‘The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure’ tells the story of a good bandit and his troop being trapped in the middle of the ocean when captain Hae-rang and her crew arrive to save them. When they discover a map of a missing royal treasure and decide to find it, the two parties come together to establish an alliance. They will, however, have to deal with the villain, Bu Heung-Soo, as a result of this choice.

5. Emergency Declaration

This movie takes the 5th position among the 10 best Korean movies of 2022. Emergency Declaration tells the story of a suspected terrorist who boarded a plane from South Korea to the USA. Suddenly, he escapes before the Korean authorities could find him. Besides, the suspected terrorist caused harm to passengers on the plane he boarded, among other inconveniences.

6. Yaksha: Ruthless Operations

Yaksha is the 6th best Korean movie of 2022 which was released in April. This Korean movie features top actors like the Squid Game’s Park, Hae-soo, and GOT7’S, Jin-Young. Yaksha: Ruthless Operations reveal the story of a former head prosecutor, Han Ji-hoon who is demoted to the job of legal aid at Korea’s National Intelligence Service. While Ji-hoon was carrying out his mission, he gets caught up in the middle of a great war between spies.

7. Seoul Vibe

Seoul Vibe comes next among the best Korean movies of 2022. In this Korean movie, the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team’s drivers investigate a high-ranking official’s use of illegal slush funds. This incident took place during the 1988 Summer Olympics’ opening ceremony. Seoul Vibe movie features casts including Lee Kyoo-Hyun, Yoo Ah-in, and Ko Kyoung-Pyo.

8. The Hunt

The Korean movie, ‘The Hunt takes the 8th position among the 10 best Korean movies of 2022. This movie features the Squid game star, Lee Jung-Jae, among other top movie stars. Also, ‘The Hunt’ has a duration of 2-hours and depicts the 1980s National Security Planning.

9. Crush Landing on You

Crush Landing on You is a Korean Romantic Drama/Comedy which was released between 2019 – 2020. This Korean drama portrays the captivating tale of an affluent businesswoman and Chaebo heiress who crashes while skydiving in South Korea onto a North Korean DMZ.

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10. Vagabond

Vagabond falls last on the list of the 10 best Korean movies of 2022. The movie ‘Vagabond’ tells the tale of a stuntman who is looking for information about a plane catastrophe that claimed the life of his nephew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the Top Domestic Korean Movies?

These are the top 4 domestic Korean movies:

Rank English title Korean title
1 The Admiral: Roaring Currents 명량
2 Extreme Job 극한직업
3 Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds 신과함께-죄와 벌
4 Ode to My Father 국제시장

What are the 8 Best Korean Movies of 2022 on Netflix?

These are the top 8 Korea’s Netflix movies:

  1. Little Women: Season 1
  2. Narco-Saints: Season 1
  3. Flower of Evil: Season 1
  4. The Good Detective: Season 2
  5. I am Solo: Part 9
  6. Glitch: Season 1
  7. The Good Detective: Season 1
  8. The Empress: Season 1

What are the Top Korean Movies with the Highest IMDb Rating?

These are the leading 8 Korean movies with the highest IMDb rating:

  1. Decision to Leave (2022) 138 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery
  2. Parasite (2019) R | 132 min | Drama, Thriller
  3. The Handmaiden (2016)
  4. Hunt (2022)
  5. Oldboy (2003)
  6. Train to Busan (2016)
  7. Memories of Murder (2003)
  8. Emergency Declaration (2021)

What are the Top Korean Romantic Movies?

Below here are the 8 best romantic Korean movies to watch:

  1. My Sassy Girl (2001) Image: Courtesy of IMDb
  2. Always (2011) Image: Courtesy of IMDb
  3. Love 911 (2012) Image: Courtesy of IMDb
  4. The Handmaiden (2016) Image: Courtesy of IMDb
  5. Il Mare (2000)
  6. Tune in for Love (2019)
  7. The Classic (2003)
  8. I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay (2006)


The year 2022 is seen as a huge year for the Korean movie industry. This industry has produced numerous movies on a worldwide scale and has earned massively from them. These Korean movies are interesting and mind-blowing. Check the above article to see the leading 10 Korean movies in 2022.

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