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How To Become A Notary in Florida | Schools, Salary and Requirements

Become A Notary in Florida – A Notary is a man and women of integrity, appointed by the Government to perform some specific functions in the state.

It is not everybody that have heard or know wany thing about notary but I can tell you that it is one of the works that you can love doing.

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For many that knows about it is might not be a lucrative one, the reason is because you are not being paid to do the work your doing.

It is more like someone who is doing a voluntary work for the government but you earn Commission for signing documents.

So we can say some of the functions of notary person is just to sign some documents and be paid.

You can earn from $1 – $10 per documents you sign and just imagine signing a 100 document at the rate of $10, I’m sure you will be adding one making at least $1000.

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To become a Notary in Florida, it requires somethings which you must fulfill, it is the duty of the government to give to any man or woman whom they feel can represent well in the area or function there are called to perform.

So in this article we would be taking a look at who a notary is, how to become one, the schools you cN attend to be come one and of cause the requirements to become a Notary in Florida.

Who is a Notary?

A Notary or popularly known as notary public is a man or woman of integrity, appointed by the governor of a state or government and have the function of not just signing signatures but also to administer oaths, take acknowledgement for deeds and of cause perform some law related functions.

To be a good notary you must be someone who takes justice’s serious and shows high level of impartiality.

This is because you are working in a place where you are highly respected and expected to maintain good behaviour and avoid favoritism.

How To Become a Notary in Florida

1. Meet Up with Florida State Requirements

If you want to be a Notary in Florida, you have to meet up with the state requirements which is age restriction, you have to show a good skill in speaking especially in English Language

2. You Have to Get A Surety Bond

A surety bond is a money set aside to pay someone injured by your mistake or failure to diligently discharge your duties.

The surety bond is ment to be up to $7000 or nothing.

3. Fill the Notary Form

When you have gotten the surety bond, you can now go ahead to fill the form which you will submit with some documents like the driver’s license and the surety bond form and other documents.

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4. Buy Official Notary Stamp

You need the stamp to make your work official and professional. It is not expensive.

Requirements for Become a Notary in Florida

  • You must not be less than 18 years of age
  • Have a little knowledge of societal law
  • You have to submit your driver’s license
  • Should not have any criminal record
  • Certificate to show that you attended a Notary Class is a plus

For you to be given the liences you will also need to pay for some liences but in total you will be spending up to $7000.

Finally, on this article we have been able to show what you need to become a good notary in Florida.

If you are confused or have any question, you are free to use the comment section.

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