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How to Become a Doctor in Canada Today | All you need to know

The importance of doctors in the society currently can never be over emphasize, this be because of the critical roles doctors play in the health sector. There has been arguments that being a doctor is the best profession that one can involve him or her self in. Well, in this article we will not get involved in these argument considering most people are more intrested in becomming doctors in Canada.

Becomming a doctor in Canada is not that easy but stil i can confirm to you that it is not as difficult as we think. Therefore in this article we will discuss extensively all you need to know to become a doctor in canada. but before then we need to have a background about the country Canada health system briefly.

Canada is a country in north America and it shares a very close boundary with united states According to Wikipedia. In terms of size canada is satd to be the second largest country in the world. Having know about canada we would now dive into becomming a Doctor in canada.

Reasons to become a Doctor in Canada?

Most doctors claim that having flexible hours of work in their medical profession is one of the reasons they consider when choosing the hospital or health sector to work.

Below are important reasons why you need to be a Doctor in Canada

  1. Medical Job Satisfaction
  2. Medical Job Security
  3. Flexibility of Hours
  4. High quality Education
  5. Best Paying Salary

Medical Job Satisfaction

No doubt when it comes to general Job satification, Canada as a country ranks a bit lower than the United king dom and united states or even china. But the truth is in the area of Medical Job satisfaction Canada is one of the best countries to withness such.

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Did you know, when you become a doctor in canada you will have the opportunity to specialize in any area of medcine you consider which is most appealing to you.

Well, unlike african countries like Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana and a bit of south Africa doctors in canada expirience fulfullment when they use their medical knowledge and skills to safe the life of patients.

On the other hand the stories of unpaid salaries, or low salaries which is discussed as you read futher is never expirienced in Canada.

Medical Job Security

This aspect is very important because in canada doctors are never sacked wwith out any tangible reason. This is possible because there are lots of health centers, hospitals in canada.

Even according to the latest statistics in 2021, there were 1,300 hospitals in Canada.  and most of these hosoitals have an average of 200 doctors. This means that you are likely going to have a job as a doctor in canada.

According to the algorithm of labour employment if the number of employable people is less than the number of vacant positions there will always be a high job security.

Flexibility of Hours

Sorry to use Africa again, but men working without rest with no flexibility in working hours is rampant in african countries. You see some one start work by 8am and close 4pm every day, no rest, no break, no leave of which this is very dangerous to the health of workers.

But in canada as a health practitioner (Doctor) your work hours are very flexible. Doctors in Canada can work regular office hours, evening hours (4 pm to 9 pm), shift work, and call (day call, overnight call, or weekend call).

Though there are some doctors who choose to take on contracts that may include night or evening shifts, call, and more fast-paced environments.

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As a doctor in Canada, your flexibility of work depends on what you choose it to be.

High quality Education

Currently in Canada Doctors are trained and given the best education that means Doctors in Canada are taught using the best medical model, this means they are trained to think, speak the medical terminology, and diagnose conditions properly.

To become a Doctor in canaa you will have to spend 5 years to study

Best Paying Salary

You remember we let you know that one of the importance of becoming a doctor in canada is job satisfaction. You can not talk about job satisfaction with out talking about high salaries.

Doctors in canada are paid one of the best salaries. The truth is, According to, the average salary of doctors in Canada is C$147,080, which was higher than the average salary reported by doctors in other countries.

Requirements to Become a Doctor in Canada

To become a Dotor in canada, you will have to meets lots of requirements. Below we have listed the 5 basic and most important steps to become a doctor in Canada.

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree or complete a college program
  2. Graduate from a medical school
  3. Pass the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE)
  4. Complete your residency training.
  5. Pass the MCCQE Part II and earn a medical licence in your province or territory.

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