How to Live Longer: 7 Tips From Centenarians

Here are some tips from centenarians on how to live longer.

People today are living longer than they ever have before, thanks to better healthcare and lifestyle choices. As such, there are more and more centenarians (people who live to be 100 years old or older) than ever before, with the number of these super-seniors growing by approximately 8,000 per day!

7 Tips From Centenarians on How To Live Longer

Here are some tips from centenarians on how to live longer.

1. Enjoy your food

One way to have a more enjoyable experience with food is not to eat so quickly. When you slow down, you will savor the flavor and enjoy your meal better. Slow eating also helps cut down on weight gain because it takes longer for your body to digest what you just ate.

Other agree that eating in moderation has been key for them. I think I would be dead if I had eaten like some of my grandchildren do, says one 106-year-old woman. I always say ‘No’ when they offer me seconds.

2. Stay positive

These tips will help you to stay positive, check them out;

  • Make lifelong friends that you can trust and rely on.
  • Set goals for yourself and work hard at them every day, no matter how tired you are.
  • Don’t give up! Life is not easy and sometimes it takes a while to accomplish your goals, but if you keep trying you will get there eventually.
  • Find hobbies that make you happy; this way even if your job is stressful or exhausting, you’ll have something fun to look forward to after work!
  • Be grateful for what you have, it’s easy to take things for granted when we’re always wanting more.
  • Listen to others and be open-minded about new ideas – life is much better when we share our experiences with others rather than judging them too quickly.
  • Give back to the world by volunteering or donating money to charity so that other people can live their best lives too!
  • Try new things all the time so that you don’t get bored and stagnate in life! 9.
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3. Get enough sleep

How to Live Longer: Tips From Centenarians

Do you know that Sleep is a vital component of an individual’s health? Although there is still research being done on how the quality and quantity of sleep affect longevity, many centenarians recommend that people get seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

A lack of adequate sleep can lead to chronic illnesses such as hypertension, depression, heart disease, and diabetes.
Another important aspect of living longer is maintaining a healthy weight.

Researchers have found that losing just ten pounds can make you live five years longer than those who maintain their weight. To lose weight while eating what you want, try swapping out carbohydrates for protein-based foods.

Additionally, make sure you are getting enough water in your diet because it prevents dehydration which causes kidney stones among other things like headaches and constipation.

4. Exercise regularly

If you don’t want to live longer, then stop reading now. As the adage knocks, use it or lose it. If you want your body and brain healthy and functioning well into the later stages of life, find ways to be active.

This could mean getting out on a bicycle every once in a while (or for short bike rides throughout the day), joining a gym, or just walking for at least an hour every day.

Regardless of how long you exercise each day, make sure that you are pushing yourself to your limits and maintaining proper form. Find a workout partner who will push you harder than any app ever could.

5. Eat less sugar

Eating too much sugar will cause your body to store excess fat, which can lead to many health problems.

The key is not only eating less sugar but replacing it with other nutrient-rich foods, such as whole grains, vegetables, and healthy fats.

One centenarian told her doctor that she eats whatever I want so long as she follows these guidelines. I don’t drink alcohol or eat a lot of sugar.

6. Avoid processed foods

If you can avoid processed foods and instead eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and lean proteins, your life span will likely be longer.

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Also, studies have shown that a Mediterranean diet can reduce heart disease and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s.

One study found that people who followed this type of diet for six years were 39% less likely to die from cancer than those who didn’t follow it.

For example, eating chicken with vegetables and fruit rather than processed chicken nuggets is an easy way to avoid these unhealthy foods.

7. Keep a journal

Write things down that is happening. I don’t understand how important this is for me. Writing these things down for myself has made me feel like I have a better understanding of what’s going on in my head and why it may be affecting me the way it does.

I feel happier, less stressed, and calmer when I sit down and write in my journal every day. It also helps with memory loss because if you can remember something from last week or last month then you can share it with someone else.

Another thing about keeping a journal is that you can see how much progress you’ve made toward your goals.


Following these tips from centenarians (those who live above 100 years) will give you the best growth in your life. You will be able to live well and healthy.

That’s all for this article. Keep following for more awesome articles like this. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you in the next one.

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