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Top Locations to Explore in Dubai

Top Locations to Explore in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best Middle eastern cities one needs to visit in Africa. It is the capital city of the prestigious United Arab Emirates. The city had evolved from being a local fishing destination to a developed country surpassing most African countries that were miles ahead of them in terms of development.

Dubai which is the United Arab Emirates’ capital city is one of the major business hubs in Africa and is popular for its vast shopping malls, security and the exquisite nightlife which has attracted more tourists to the city. Below you will get to know some of the top destinations to visit in Dubai while on your trip.

Deep Dive

Deep dive in Dubai has proven to be among the worlds deepest pools with a depth of 60 meters. The pool is filled with more than 14 million of natural water. The pool’s physical features are similar to an abandoned city and it is currently the only deep pool in the world today where divers can go as deep as 60 meters underwater.

The deep dive is one of the amazing attractions for all visitors in Dubai, but you can’t literally feel its underwater beauty unless you take a dive in this pool.

Museum of The Future

The museum of the future is one of the beautiful sights to behold in Dubai, it is also referred to as one of the most beautiful and elegant buildings standing in the world today. As we know, Dubai is full of beautiful and tall buildings also known as skyscrapers, this building is the most famous building in Dubai currently.

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The building is circular in shape and it is known to be symbolic with the shape representing humanity and the green color stands for the greenery of the earth’s vegetation. From what’s seen on the museum’s design, the inspiration is from the rich culture of the United Arab Emirates.

Sky Views

One of the tallest buildings in Dubai today, which has proven to be a popular tourist attraction. The Sky View building has really lived up to its name, owing to the unique features that come with the building which includes; an observatory, the edge walk and a glass slide.

This building is specifically for people who love adventures as most of its facilities are meant for this. These facilities are safely built with harnesses provided for those ready to partake on the edge walk. This means every participant is ensured safety as they perform these activities.

Mohammed Rashid Library

This library I recently opened in Dubai and it is the biggest library currently in Dubai. The most amazing thing in this library is its shape, which is made like an open book. It has proven to be another popular tourist attraction in the city with thousands of visitors flocking in on a daily basis to have a glimpse of its beauty.

The library is built on the Dubai creek which also houses an amphitheater, a garden and a café alongside the library. It provides readers an opportunity to access millions of books both in written and electronic formats. You should consider visiting this library next time you travel to Dubai.

Madame Tussauds

This is where you get to take pictures with wax figures of your favorite celebrities. This facility is uniquely built to help visitors have a feel of presence with their role models and get a chance to snap photos with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the New Things in Dubai?

Dubai is constantly adding to their list of tourist attraction sites, this is one of the major reasons it is considered the most developed and visited country in middle eastern Africa. These are some of the newly built and developed tourist attractions in Dubai; Foundry, Palm Fountain, Theatre of Digital Art, Hatta Dome Park, Arena Games, Bla Bla, Palm West Beach and lots more.

Can You Hug and Kiss in Dubai?

Although Dubai is mostly visited by people of different cultures and religions, they are still very firm on preserving their cultures, religion and law as it governs the visitors. Hugging and kissing in public is prohibited in Dubai even for married couples. If you are caught, you are liable to fines and a possible jail term. As couples you are only allowed to hold hands while in public.

Can I Wear Shorts in Dubai?

Yes, it’s absolutely okay to wear shorts in Dubai but don’t let it be too short. Also, you should not wear them to local markets as you might run into some issues with the locals.


Visiting Dubai is one of the best trips you can take individually, or with friends and family. It is a safe city for tourists and there are lots of attractions in the city to explore. This post has offered a comprehensive guide on the best places to visit while visiting Dubai.  

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