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Things To Consider Before Traveling From Nigeria to Ghana

Things To Consider Before Traveling From Nigeria to Ghana

When thinking of traveling from Nigeria to Ghana either for holiday or business, there are some important things you need to consider in order to make your trip successful. Nigeria and Ghana have had a good relationship for a good number of years, so a trip to Ghana won’t be an issue politically and otherwise.

Below are the basic things you need to put in mind before planning the trip.


To enjoy your stay in Ghana, these are the basic documents you need to acquire; a valid passport, in the case of Nigeria an ECOWAS passport and your yellow card. Getting a yellow card is as important as your international passport, this will save you from spending an unnecessary amount of money when you are found not being in possession of one.

A yellow card can be obtained in the Port Health office. Also worthy of note is the fact that you must always move around with an identity card as Ghana has a very good policing system. Note, as a Nigerian citizen, you can visit Ghana and stay for a period of 30 days without the need for a visa or resident permit.

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Transportation Method

There are two ways you can travel from Nigeria to Ghana: one is by road and the other by air. An average traveling time by air to Ghana from Nigeria is about an hour and 15 minutes but the same can’t be said for road trips which take an average of 17-25 hours before you reach Ghana. There are several transport companies that offer the services of moving travelers from Nigeria by road, the only downside is the hours you will be spending sitting on the bus chair which is not very advisable especially for people with ailments and the physically challenged.

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Taxi also offers the service of taking travelers to Ghana and is mostly available to states closer to the Cotonou border. The cost of these services sometimes is higher than going on a bus. You should take a look at your budget before choosing the transport method to use. 

Budget Plans

After making a decision to travel to Ghana, the next thing you should consider is the budget. These include the flight fee, bus or taxi fare, document fees and the general expenses you will be incurring throughout your stay in the country. After making all your calculations, it is advisable you exchange your Naira to the Ghanaian Cedis which is the local currency in Ghana or better still exchange it to the United State Dollar, which is also widely accepted in Ghana.

You can conduct the currency exchange at the border between Togo and Ghana. For the sake of convenience, you can exchange your Naira to Dollar while still in Nigeria through the Bureau de change guys around your city, then you can use the dollar to spend while in Ghana. But take note, not all businesses and individuals accept dollars in Ghana.

Another thing you can do is funding your dollar Mastercard with your Naira equivalent which you can use for payment and withdrawal throughout Ghana as Naira denominated cards don’t work here.

Border Crossing

For people traveling by road, it is advisable to use a transport company for such a long destination trip, because you will be frustrated with settlements and payoffs if you are using a taxi or a personal car. You will cross a total of 3 borders, before you reach Ghana namely; Lagos-Cotonou, Cotonou-Togo and Togo-Ghana borders. It is a good experience traveling by road but the only downside is with the stop and search which contributes to time wastage and most times, some of the border control officers will demand for some incentives before allowing your vehicle to pass.

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Know the kind of things you include in your luggage, not every item is allowed into some countries. Always look for a list of banned items in a particular country you are visiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to Ghana Without Passport?

No, it is not possible. All non-citizens of Ghana must possess a valid passport and other travel documents to be eligible to visit the country.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Ghana from Nigeria?

For travelers using air from Lagos to Accra, the average price is between 110,900 – 115,870. This price is very volatile and changes according to present conditions. Always check with the airline you want to travel with before planning on your budget.

Does a Nigerian Need a Work Permit to Work in Ghana?

Absolutely yes. This does not only apply to Nigerians but to all African Nationals in order to legally live and work in the country.


Traveling can be a very exciting activity, but there are things you need to consider and put in place for your trip to be successful. The post has highlighted the major things you need to bear in mind while planning to travel to Ghana from Nigeria.

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