Who won the Vietnam war?

For over three decades, the Vietnam War has been one of the most studied and debated conflicts in history. Politicians, historians, and military analysts have all weighed in with their opinions on who was responsible for victory or defeat in this bloody conflict. In this article, we will try to answer the question: Who won the Vietnam War? We’ll look at the military campaigns and battles that took place between North and South Vietnam, as well as the involvement of other countries such as America, China, and the Soviet Union. We’ll also take a closer look at what factors ultimately led to victory or defeat for each side.

Who won the Vietnam war?

The United States

United States emerged as a powerful world power after World War II, and emerged as a leading player in the Vietnam War. They attempted to end the war by diplomatic means, but was unsuccessful. In 1965, the United States began providing military support to South Vietnam, and the war escalated. In 1973, the North Vietnamese won the war and the United States withdrew its troops.

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North Vietnam

In the early 1960s, Vietnam was embroiled in a civil war between the North and South. The North was supported by China, while the South was supported by the United States. In April 1965, the United States began a bombing campaign against North Vietnam in an effort to force the North to withdraw from the war.

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The bombing campaign gradually escalated, and by 1968, it had become full-scale warfare. The North Vietnamese military became adept at using guerrilla tactics to resist the American forces, and by 1973 they had won control of most of Vietnam. The United States withdrew from Vietnam in 1974, and the country was divided into two parts: the Communist north and the non-Communist south.

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Despite their losses, the North Vietnamese are considered to have won the war because they were able to unite Vietnam under their control and preserve their independence.

The South Vietnam

At the end of the Vietnam War, it was clear that the North had won. The North had more money, more weapons, and a much better army. The South had a better economy and more educated people, but they didn’t have enough weapons or money to compete.

The United States played a big role in the war. They gave the South help with weapons and money, which helped them win. But the South also had a lot of help from other countries. Vietnam was one of the few wars where other countries actually fought against each other instead of just helping one side.

In the end, it was clear that the North had won. But the South lost a lot of people and property, and they never really recovered.


This question has been debated by many over the years, and there is just one answer for it. What we do know is that the North Vietnam and its allies emerged as victors in the Vietnam War, although at a high cost in both human lives and resources. The war was a difficult experience for all sides, and to this day there are still those who argue about who should be held responsible for its ultimate outcome. Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on what happened during the Vietnam War and why it continues to be such an important topic of debate.

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