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10 Richest Female Rappers and Their Net Worth

Rap music was once solely considered appropriate for the male gender. Women were not as accepted as they began to participate in the rapping industry. Some women persisted and kept working hard while some redrew from the rapping industry. Well, this article lists the top 10 richest female rappers in the world with their net worth. Read down and get informed.

Female Rappers and Their New Worth | The Top 10 Richest

1. Nicki Minaj – $100 Million

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, fondly known as, Nicki Minaj is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, born in Trinidad. She is renowned for her incisive lyricism, captivating rap flows, usage of accents, and altered personalities in rap songs. Nicki became popular just after the release of Pink Friday in 2010, and from there, she became one of the most popular and wealthy female hip-hop singers in the world.

2. Queen Latifah – $70 Million

Dana Elaine Owens, better known by her stage name Queen Latifah is one of the top 10 richest female rappers in the World. Queen Latifah is an American rapper, singer, and actor. She has acted in several films and has broadcasted several rap albums. Some of Latifah’s rap albums feature messages like stopping violence against women and the exploitation of Black female sexuality (U.N.I.T.Y).

3. Missy Elliott – $50 Million

Missy Elliott is a well-known stage name for Melissa Arnette Elliott who is an American rapper, singer, and record producer. She began her singing career in a bustling church choir and has had a lifelong passion for performing since she was four years old.

Missy Elliott began her solo career in 1997 after several collaborations and guest appearances in the early to mid-1990s. It was the highest-charting debut by a female rapper at the time when she launched her debut album, Supa Dupa Fly, which debuted at number three on the Billboard 200.

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4. Cardi B – $40 Million

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, fondly called Cardi B is also among the 10 richest female rappers in the world. She is an American songwriter and rapper. Cardi B is well-known for her clever, exact, and flawless rap lines. Cardi B gained popularity in 2015 and has continued to perform, earning her a place on the list of the wealthiest female hip-hop singers.

5. Sandra Denton – $15 Million

Sandra Denton is a Jamaican-American rapper and actor. She has been featured in several films and was a cast member of the We TV music reality series “Growing Up Hip Hop.” Sandra managed to establish herself as one of the female hip-hop singers with the moniker “richest female rapper” despite shaking other job pursuits. Pepa/Pep is the stage name of Sandra Jacqueline Denton.

6. Cheryl James – $14 Million

The American rapper and musician Cheryl Renee James fall 6th on the list of the top 10 richest female rappers in the world. She goes by the stage name ‘Salt’. Cheryl is well-known for being a part of the Grammy-winning American female rap group Salt-N-Pepa. Also, the group Salt-N-Pepa comprises Spinderella and Sandra Denton (Pepa).

7. M.I.A – $ 14 Million

M.I.A is a British rapper, singer, activist, and record producer. The initial M.I.A stands for Missing in Action. Most times, her music focuses on political and social criticism that deals with issues like immigration, conflict, and global identity. Also, M.I.A uses a variety of instruments and samples in her music, which incorporates aspects of alternative, dance, electronic, hip hop, and world music.

8. DJ Spinderella – $10 Million

Deidra Muriel Roper, better known as DJ Spinderella, is an American rapper, DJ, and producer. She is well-known for being a part of the hip-hop trio Salt-N-Pepa with Sandra Denton and Cheryl James. Deidra has several studio records, and extra sources of income come from DJ works, features in Radio programs, etc.

9. Eve – $10 Million

Eve is also among the richest female rappers in the world. She is an American singer, actress, rapper, and TV host with a net worth of $10 million. Eve’s real name is Eve Jihan Cooper. Eve has released several albums, singles, and even joint projects.

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10. MC Lyte – $8 Million

MC Lyte is the stage name for Lana Michele Moorer. She is an American rapper, DJ, actress, writer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and public speaker. MC Lyte gained popularity when she first released a solo rap in the late 1980s. Besides, MC Lyte has a net worth of $8 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Richest Female Rappers in 2022?

These are the top 8 richest female rappers:

  1. Nicki Minaj – $100 Million
  2. Queen Latifah – $70 Million
  3. Missy Elliott – $50 Million
  4. Cardi B – $40 Million
  5. Bhad Bhabie – $20 Million
  6. Sandra Denton – $15 Million
  7. Iggy Azalea – $15 Million
  8. Cheryl James – $14 Million

Who is the Richest Among the Female Rappers Today?

Nicki Minaj. She has worked with some of the best rappers in the world, and she is the wealthiest female rapper right now. As of October 2022, Nicki Minaj’s net worth is roughly $75 million, making her the richest female rapper in the world.

Which Female Rapper Made the Most Money in 2021?

Below here are the top female rappers that made the most money in 2021:

  1. DJ Spinderella (Net worth: $10 million)
  2. Eve (Net worth: $10 million)
  3. M.I.A
  4. Cheryl James AKA Salt (Net worth: $14 million)
  5. Sandra Denton AKA Pepa (Net worth: $15 million)
  6. Iggy Azalea (Net worth: $15 million)
  7. Cardi B (Net worth: $30 million)
  8. Missy Elliott (Net worth: $50 million)

Who’s Richer Nicki or Cardi?

Is Cardi B the richest female rapper? No, Cardi B isn’t the richest female rapper. That title belongs to Nicki Minaj.


The saying, what a man can do, a woman can do even better is quite true. Several women have gained popularity alongside wealth from the rap industry. Simply check out the top 10 richest female rappers in the world and their net worth.

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