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Top 10 Richest Racing Drivers In The World (2022)

Are you wondering who the richest racing drivers are? Then, you have stopped at the right place. In this article, I cover the top 10 richest racing drivers in the world. Read through the article carefully.

Wealthiest Racing Drivers | Top 10 in the World

This is the list of the top 10 richest racing drivers in the world:

1. Michael Schumacher

Michael is a talented German racing driver. He is the wealthiest racing driver in the world. Michael has competed in several racing competitions including Formula One for Jordan Grand Prix. He has won several awards including the Racing World Championships, etc. Michael earns a range of $80 – $100 million per year from his racing career.

2. Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan ranks 2nd place among the richest racing drivers in the world with a net worth of $600 million. He is an Irish businessman who has won several racing tournaments/awards. Some of these racing tournaments are the Irish Kart Championship, BBC’s primary analyst for Formula 1, etc.

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3. Don Schumacher

Don started his racing career in the early 1960s and became popular for having a top-notch squad and pit crew. With a growing total asset of $300 million, Don falls 3rd place among the richest racing drivers in the world. Don is currently a racing team manager.

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4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

Dale Earnhardt is a media celebrity and a retired American NASCAR driver. He owns an estimated net worth of $300 million, the NASCAR team, he provides analysis for NBC’s coverage of the racing game. Also, Dale writes books to make his wealth.

5.  Lewis Hamilton

Lewis is the highest-earning driver in Formula 1 history and one of the richest racing drivers in the world. He has several endorsement deals with companies like Sony, Monster Energy Drinks, L’Oreal, and others. Lewis has a net worth of $285 million.

6. Fernando Alonso

Fernando is an ex-Formula 1 racer from Oviedo in Spain who now competes in motorsports. He has a growing total asset of $260 million and is the 6th man among the richest racing drivers in the world.

7. Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi is one of the world’s highest racing drivers with annual earnings of more than $50 million. He has participated in many motorsport competitions including NASCAR, Formula One, and the World Rally Championship. Kimi goes by the nickname ‘Iceman’.

8. Jeff Gordon

Jeff comes in at the 8th position among the top 10 richest racing drivers in the world. With a cash flow of $200 million, Jeff is currently the top personnel for Hendrick Motorsport. Jeff has over 445 top finishes in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and he has won the Winston Cup, among others.

9. Jenson Button 

Jenson is a British racing driver who has raced for the Brawn GP team. He has won several championships like the 2009 Formula One World Championship, the 2018 Super GT Series Season Championship, and many others. Jenson makes about $4.5 million per year.

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10. Valentino Rossi

Valentino falls last on the list of the 10 richest racing drivers in the world. He is an Italian motorbike racer with a cash flow of $200 million. Valentino has earned several trophies like the 9 Grand Prix World Championships, 2002 and 2003 MotoGP World Championships, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Richest Car Racer in the World?

Michael Schumacher Net Worth: $800 Million

Michael Schumacher’s net worth is approximately $800 million, making him the richest racing driver in the world.

Who is the Richest F1 Driver Currently?

As you might expect, Lewis Hamilton is estimated to have the largest salary of the F1 drivers on the current grid.


There are numerous forms and sizes of racing, from Formula One to drag racing, etc. The world’s richest racing drivers gains incomes worth hundreds of millions as a result of sponsorships, championship victories, and other things. Check out the top 10 richest racing drivers in the world.

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