How to use keyword research for SEO

The words and phrases that people type into search engines are known as keywords. For instance, say you intend to purchase a new shoe, and your search enquiry may be “men’s leather shoe” on Google. Then Google provides the best posts, site or content containing those keywords. This is exactly how keywords work.

keyword research
keyword research

Why are keywords so important?

When people type keywords, your website can show up and that is the relevance of keywords.

How to appear in Google for keywords

When your website or content shows at the top of Google for a particular keyword, you can expect a lot of traffic. This article will show you how to do just that.

  • Using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising

With PPC, you can pay Google to show your web page in the results for certain keywords. For example, if you sell handmade leather shoes, you can place a bid on that term and consequently appear at the top of Google’s search results as people search for it. Google has a platform where you can select keywords to place bids on. Your ad is then displayed in the search results. Google charges you a certain fee every time someone clicks that ad and lands on your website.

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  • Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
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This is the process of optimizing your web page to be able to rank in Google’s organic results. It is Google’s job to rank and place the best and most relevant results for a search query. Google has to deem your page the “best” result for the right terms, so you can get a consistent stream of ‘free’ visits to your website.

How do you find keywords?

It is impossible to know everything that people search for, so it becomes very important to do some research to find more keyword ideas. 

The easiest way to find keywords is to use a keyword research tool.

While using these tools, you can enter some broad keywords related to your industry and the tools provide some related keyword ideas.

How do you choose keywords?

Some metrics to help you choose the best keywords are:

  • Search volume 

Keywords vary when it comes to popularity, and it generally affects the process of choosing keywords. Some keywords will rank higher because of how often they are searched, but you need to find keywords that bear relevance to what your business or brand does.

  • Search Intent

Sometimes, people don’t want to buy products, they’re simply searching for reviews and insights. It is important to identify the general intent of people searching for these keywords. This is done by doing research. To increase the chances of your keywords ranking in Google, create content that aligns with intent.

  • Value

The idea is that if people are willing to pay some money for clicks, then there must be some value in the traffic from that keyword. However, the fact that a keyword holds value for one business may not necessarily mean the same for you. 

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Optimizing for Keywords

The primary way to optimize for a keyword is to match search intent. But there are other things you can do:

  • Include the keyword in the title tag
  • Include the keyword in the URL
  • Mention your keyword in the article
  • Include long-tail keywords in your copy.

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