Apostle Joshua Selma: Biography, Age, Net-worth, etc.


Joshua Selman: background

Jeremy Selman Nimmak, also known as Apostle Joshua Selman, is a televangelist, chemical engineer, musician, and gospel minister from Nigeria. He founded Eternity Network International and serves as its Senior Pastor (ENI). He is a Plateau State native, from Langtang.

On June 25, 1980, Selman was born in Jos, Plateau State. He was brought up in a Christian household and was taught Christian principles. Selman claimed that his maternal grandfather served as the first president of the Church of Christ in Nations in an interrogation at the House of David Church in Lagos (COCIN).

He had a gift for reading the Bible as a young child and would choose to read it over playing outside with his friends.

Joshua Selman’s education

At the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria, he pursued a degree in chemical engineering. With the aid of his companions, Selman started preaching and spreading the gospel to other students while still an undergraduate.

Joshua Selman’s rise as a preacher

Joshua Selman Biography
Apostle Joshua Selman

He had spent a significant chunk of his student years preaching and ministering with campus buddies, albeit his calling didn’t come until after graduation. He struggled with his role as a campus minister during this time, which inspired him to use the anointed mantle that God had given him to change lives.

After graduation, his ministry career really took off. He served as pastor at Christ Gospel Church in Samaturu Zaria, Kaduna State, after graduating. He quickly advanced to the position of senior pastor at the church and then changed his status to become a minister to boost his ministry career.

In Zaria, Kaduna, he established Eternity Network International (ENI) in 2011. He established a weekly program called Koinonia, which means community, through this ministry.

A man of God who has mastered the dynamics of hosting and introducing God’s presence as well as eloquently showing the strength and potency of God’s Word is described as Apostle Selman quite frequently.

Joshua Selman’s achievements

Joshua Selman was ranked by YNaija as one of the 100 most significant Christian ministers in Nigeria in December 2018 and April 2020.

Joshua Selman’s relationship and family

Apostle Joshua Selman was single at the time this biography was being written. According to rumors, Apostle Joshua Selman is dating Lady Sandra Areh, commonly known as Selwoman due to the Apostle’s last name of “Selman,” who was born on December 9.

Sandra Areh is a mass communication graduate and a devoted follower of Koinonia, also known as the Eternity Network International. She began her career by working in the ministry’s media division.

Joshua Selman’s networth

A respectable quantity of riches, including assets, money, and many sources of income, has been accumulated by Apostle Selman. Despite choosing a humble lifestyle, he has a net worth of over $1.5 million.


One of the well-respected and well-known men of God in Nigeria is Apostle Joshua Selman. And when looking at the history of his ministry, that’s a glaring example of why so many people hold him in such high respect.

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