Nasty Blaq: Biography, Age, Net-worth, etc.

Who is Nasty Blaq?

Nasty Blaq is one of the most talented and popular skit-makers in Nigeria right now. He rose to fame through his very hilarious comedy skits which he drops on social media.

Nasty has nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, 4.3 million followers on Facebook, and 114 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and many more followers in other social media platforms.

Nasty Blaq’s Background

Nasty Blaq, real name Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu, was born on September 23, 1996 (25 years old) in Lagos, Nigeria and is an Instagram comedian, content creator, entertainer, and actor.

He was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and began comedy while still in secondary school.

Nasty Blaq’s Career 

Although Nasty Blaq became well-known in 2018 when he began posting his skits online, his satire career began in a secondary school study hall. Many of his peers thought he was funny and inventive with his jokes because he was always there to make his friends and colleagues laugh.

He first attempted to create and share his satire plays on an online lifestage in 2016.

He transitioned into parody in 2017, professionally releasing several productions and heavily utilising Instagram as a platform for connecting with his audience.

His rise began in 2018 when his collection of imaginative parody plays became a social media sensation, with numerous people reposting them.

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His comedy has earned him a large following on Instagram, similar to that of other popular Instagram comedians such as Sydney talker, Craze clown, and others.

Instagram comedy has elevated seemingly ordinary people to celebrity status. Comedians including Craze clown and Sydney Talker have had the opportunity to do things that many people only dream of by becoming extremely popular on the app.

Nasty Blaq Net-worth

Nasty Blaq’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000, which is 208,974,000 naira (two hundred and eight million, nine hundred and seventy four hundred thousand naira). He is one of the fastest rising Instagram comedians, with over 500,000 followers.

He earns money by advertising on his Instagram page and on his monetized YouTube channel, which has a large number of subscribers.

Nasty Blaq Controversy

Nasty Blaq’s comedy skits typically feature beautiful women, for which he has been chastised for allegedly encouraging sexual harassment.

Blaq faced harsh criticism after releasing a skit titled “The lockdown has affected my eyes.” In the skit, Nasty Blaq was seen sitting on his front porch, and after a short while, his neighbour appeared (a lady clad in a pink bathroom robe appears).

Blaq rubbed his eyes as she approached, and it appeared that the lady was dressed differently (a yellow swim suit that did a poor job of covering her body over a white see through shorts).

She then asked Blaq if he had any oil, which Nasty Blaq mistook for some sort of sēxual lubricant, but she later clarifies that she was referring to “Groundnut oil.”

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Nasty then tells her that the oil is inside his house, after which he walks in after her, locks the door, and throws away the key.

Many Nigerians believed he was encouraging sēxual harassment, especially at a time when news of rãpe was widely circulated in the country.

However, Blaq told The Punch in December 2019 that his skits are done for the sake of comedy.

“I don’t think we’re harassing any particular girl; we’re not harassing anyone.” All we do is create content, and females are aware of it and contribute to it. I’m not advocating for rape or sexual harassment. That is something I could never do. “I only do comedy for the sake of making people laugh.”

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