Top 10 Richest men in the world 2022

There are wealthy man, and there are insanely rich men. Here’s a list of the Richest men on planet earth as of 2022.

1. Elon Musk ($273.5 billion).

Richest men in the world
Elon Musk

Elon Reeve Musk FRS is an investor and businessman. He founded The Boring Company, runs SpaceX as CEO and Chief Engineer, is an angel investor, and is Tesla, Inc.’s CEO and chief product architect, and is a co-founder of Neuralink and Open AI.

2. Bernard Arnault ($154.7 billion).

Richest men in the world
Bernard Arnault

French business tycoon, investor, and art collector, Bernard Arnault was born on the 5th of March, 1949. He is a co-founder, chairman, and CEO of the largest luxury goods firm in the world, LVMH Mot Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SE. According to Forbes, Arnault and his family’s estimated net worth in September 2022 was US$143.4 billion, ranking him third in the world and first in Europe.

3. Gautam Adani ($152.2 billion).

Richest men in the world
Gautam Adani

Indian business magnate Gautam Shantilal Adani is a billionaire. He is the inventor and director of the Adani Group, an enormous company with headquarters in Ahmedabad that creates and organizes docks all throughout India.

Additionally, Adani serves as the head of the Adani Foundation, which is mostly run by his wife, Priti Adani.

4. Jeff Bezos ($146.9 billion)

Richest men in the world
Jeff Bezos

An American businessman, media mogul, investor, computer engineer, and commercial astronaut by the name of Jeffrey Preston Bezos. He was the company’s founder, executive chairman, and previous president and CEO.

5. Bill Gates ($104.6 billion).

Richest men in the world
Bill Gates

American corporate tycoon, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist William Henry Gates III. Along with his late childhood friend Paul Allen, he co-founded Microsoft.

6. Larry Ellison ($96.8 billion)

Top 10
Larry Ellison

The co-founder, executive chairman, chief technology officer, and former chief executive officer of the American computer technology corporation Oracle Corporation is the business mogul and investor Lawrence Joseph Ellison of the United States.

7. Warren Buffett ($95.9 billion)

Top 10
Warren Buffett

American business tycoon, philanthropist, and investor Warren Edward Buffett.

He currently holds the positions of chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He was one of the most successful investors in the world as of September 2022, ranking eighth in terms of wealth, with a net worth of over $97 billion.

8. Mukesh Ambani ($91.4 billion)

Top 10
Mukesh Ambani

Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani, who was born on April 19, 1957, is a billionaire. He serves as Reliance Industries Ltd.’s (RIL) chairman and managing director, the most valuable corporation by market value in India and a Fortune Global 500 firm. Ambani is expected to have a net worth of US$95.7 billion as of September 6, 2022, making him the second richest person in Asia after Gautam Adani and the eighth richest person in the world.

9. Larry Page ($88.8 billion)

Top 10
Larry Page

American business mogul, computer scientist, and internet entrepreneur Lawrence Edward Page. He is best recognized for collaborating with Sergey Brin to build Google.

10. Sergey Brin ($85.2 billion)

Top 10
Sergey Brin

An American business mogul, computer scientist, and internet entrepreneur, Sergey Brin was born on August 21, 1973. He and Larry Page started Google. Up until December 3, 2019, Brin served as the head of Alphabet Inc., the organization that owns Google. He and Page are still co-founders, controlling shareholders, board members, and staff members of Alphabet. Brin, whose estimated net worth is $94 billion, is the eighth-richest person in the world as of September 2022.

This article was a chronicling of the Richest men in the world, and I hope you enjoyed the read.

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