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Plagiarism was a big problem during the early internet days. Many websites and articles were copied, edited and placed in other people’s websites without the consent of the original authors. In these cases, it turned out to be a serious problem that disrupted the online publication community. This problem pushed Alex Shevchenko to start MyDropBox.

MyDropbox was a unique website dedicated to providing high-end plagiarism detection service for college students and schools. Not only was it an efficient plagiarism detector, but it was also easy to use. The website identified whether or not the content on a webpage is original. If it checked out as copied, MyDropBox blocked the content from being displayed but only to the user browser, not to the website itself.

Alex Shevchenko saw the huge potential of MyDropBox, and with the help of his business partner they continued to grow it. In two years, MyDropBox grew to serve over two million students in North America. Soon after it’s success, Alex and his partners sold the website for a good sum of money.


Alex studied at the International University in Erfurt, Germany, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree (B.B.A) in business administration in 2001.

After that he enrolled in the University of Toronto’s School of Management to earn a master’s degree (MBA) in management, which he completed in 2006 to become a certified management professional.

His MBA developed his skills and management initiatives in the business sector and helped him gain valuable experience in his future career. 

Business Career 

Shevchenko founded and launched MyDropBox in April 2008 after he saw the potential of introducing plagiarism detection technology to the world. He sold the company two years later, which allows him to pursue his innovative ideas whenever he needs.

It was in 2006, when Shevchenko and Lytvyn started the company that deals with plagiarism detection. It was named “MyDropBox”, an easy-to-use plagiarism detector that is free to use for students.

After three years and a successful run of MyDropBox, he and his partners sold MyDropBox to Blackboard Inc in 2009. They were acquired by Blackboard Inc, a publicly-traded education technology company.

Shevchenko wanted to take advantage of his ample experience of working with MyDropBox and Blackboard Inc and was ready to go beyond the boundaries of MyDropBox’s services.

To turn his business vision into reality, he later in the year 2009, he co-founded Grammarly with his fellow colleague Lytvyn.

He along with Lytvyn designed Grammarly, a powerful online grammar checker that can check errors and also corrects any grammatical error in half a second. Grammarly also has a big database of over 80,000,000 words that can be used to check if an article is accurate and not copied. 


Alex Shevchenko is married to his longtime girlfriend, Kate. Kate and Alex were childhood friends. They both grew up in former Soviet Union countries, Ukraine and Kazakhstan respectively, and moved to Canada in their early twenties. Together they’ve spent over ten years in Toronto and five years in San Francisco before deciding to call Vancouver home with their two children, Stella and Evan. 

Alex’s love for his family is one of the most important things in his life. His family is what keeps him going even after a stressful day at work. He spends most of his time with his two children and wife, Kate, trying to make the most of their time together. beautiful things about him. 

Net Worth 

Shevchenko has a net worth in the millions of dollars. According to Forbes, Shevchenko is currently ranked #728 on the billionaires’ list and as of August 2022, he’s net worth is estimated to be about $4B which he earned from his business ventures. He is well known for his reputable business ventures and is a leading name in the business industry.

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